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HA/Load Balancing Cluster

HA/Load Balancing Cluster

The High Availability for server’s providing continuous availability of services by eliminating single point of failure. By offering fail over services between nodes within a cluster, the HA supports high availability for up to 16 nodes. OM Telentia provides solution with Red hat Solutions but we offer HA solution also.

The High Availability also enables fail over for applications such as Apache, MySQL and others, any of which can be coupled with resource like IP address and single-node file systems to form highly available services.

OM Telentia High Availability Add-On enables applications to be highly available by reducing downtime and ensuring that there is no single point of failure in a cluster. It also isolates unresponsive applications and nodes so they can’t corrupt critical enterprise data.

The cluster configuration system now supports load options other than XML, including the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). Configuration reload is validated and easily synchronized across the cluster for better usability and manageability.

When using the High Availability, a highly available service can fail over from one node to another with no apparent interruption to cluster clients. The High Availability also ensures absolute data integrity when one cluster node takes over control of a service from another cluster node. It achieves this by promptly evicting nodes from the cluster that are deemed to be faulty using a method called “fencing” that prevents data corruption. The High Availability Add-On supports several types of fencing, including both power- and storage area network (SAN)-based fencing.

We also support open source HA Cluster with feature of LINUX-HA application. The Linux-HA project maintains a set of building blocks for high availability cluster systems, including a cluster messaging layer, a huge number of resource agents for a variety of applications, and a plumbing library and error reporting toolkit. We usually deploy the Pacemaker cluster resource manager on top of the Heartbeat infrastructure layer.

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